Keystone Animation

was set up by Simon Clarke to provide animation services, including:

  • Character and Creature animation
  • Effects and Technical animation
  • Rigging
  • Scripting

Work includes:

  • 'School of Hard Sums'Baby Cow
  • 'Talk Talk Return Home'Glassworks
  • 'Paralympics 2012 Titles, Caribbean Premier League, Melody Titles'Liquid TV
  • 'Barclays Train commercial', 'Harry Potter: story sequence', 'Despereaux: story sequence', 'Kia Soul', 'Walking With Beasts', 'Sea Monsters' & othersFramestore-CFC
  • 'Dino Gangs'ZooFX/Atlantic
  • 'Powerade'Munky
  • 'Weight Watchers', 'KFC'Partizan Lab
  • 'Scubbing Bubbles', 'Audi Le Mans spot', 'Jack Daniels', 'Compare the Meerkat'Passion Pictures
  • Commercial developmentMPC
  • 'Nokia'Kin Design
  • 'Orangina', 'Puma Speed Legs', 'Sony Tumble', 'Comfort'The Mill
  • 'Happy Feet'Animal Logic
  • 'The King and I'Richard Rich
  • 'Space Jam', 'The Quest for Camelot'Warner Feature Animation

Plus various animation work for Uli Meyer, Dave Edwards Animation, TVC and Tandem Films. Further projects will find their way onto these pages as development continues. The flip book to the right was inspired by CSSPlay, move your mouse over the image to view.